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Give Your Kid A World Class Early Years Education

We follow the British EYFS Curriculum to nurture your child's inner talents, instill confidence, stimulate cognitive creativity and boost positivity - to ensure that the child's foundations are strong, flexible, progressive and ready for modern challenges. 

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Our world-class teachers work to create a positive and nurturing environment in which children are able to learn and grow through fun experiences and positive interactions.

 Welcome To Apple Tree Nursery

Leading the UAE's mission to provide children a top notch start, guaranteed to give children a running start at school and a creative edge in life.


We believe in channeling the modern child's search for entertainment and utilize it to create interactive and nurturing experiences that make a difference.


Children are given opportunities to find their talents and develop their cognitive skills, so that the learning experience is driven by the child's willingness to learn and grow.

Welcome To The Apple Tree Nursery

Apple Tree Nursery was established in 2014, in Al Humrah, Umm Al Quwain, as one of the first early year education centers to follow the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in the region. The Apple Tree Nursery was founded with the objective of giving children (from 3 months to 4 years) an early years education of international caliber. The Nursery has grown rapidly in terms of popularity and services – winning the trust of parents and proudly nurturing the minds of the future.

It is now equipped with dedicated areas such as baby room, toddler room , nursery rooms, indoor gym along with an outdoor sensory play area. The launch of the newest branch in the Al Salama region will give more parents the chance to give their children a premium Early Years education.

Young Toddlers

These are the most sensitive years and make the biggest impact on the child's openness towards growth and willingness to learn.

Our young toddlers stay in our special baby room called ‘Blossoms’. This room is made for kids of the age of 3 months until 2 years.


Toddlers are coming to terms with their decision making skills and the right education can instill positivity, creativity and productivity.

Our toddlers stay in our special room called 'Lillies'. This room is made for kids of the age of 2 years to 3 years.

Pre- Schoolers

Pre- Schoolers love to have fun and respond actively to external stimuli. Our EYFS based curriculum gives them the space they need to grow.

Our pre-school classes are the 'Orchards', where kids above 3 years of age get ready for the adventure of school.

Pre- K

Exposing your child to the right environment in the Pre-K years  helps to ready the child for the challenges of modern life.

About Us

Apple Tree Nursery works closely with children and respectfully with parents to provide an improving level of early years education in an environment that celebrate diversity and encourages children to explore their full potential

 We work to create an eco-system in which children are subjected to dedicated nurturing, with a special focus on becoming productive and well-adjusted members of society.

“It is our mission to enable young children to thrive in a learning and caring environment; encouraging parent partnership and active participation to optimize the child’s growth and development, to reach their full potential. Preparing children to enter school ready to learn and to participate in family and community life”.

How We Work

We will accomplish our mission by being an informed, innovative and responsible provider of early year’s education and childcare and by providing the facilities and services needed to build on the child's early experiences gained at home.”

In pursuing our mission, we will achieve the following - Children - Through
opportunities for them to be creative, imaginative and active lifelong learners
and to explore experiment and discover new ideas, skills and concepts.

Parents & Carers - By providing peace of mind enabling them to leave their children in our care and working in close partnership with them to encourage participation in their child's learning and to ensure a consistent approach to development between home and nursery.

Staff - By maintaining a stimulating working environment that encourages new initiatives and best practice, enhances professional and personal development and in which spontaneous learning opportunities are identified and recognized as they occur.

The Apple Tree Nursery Team

The Apple Tree Nursery team is led by Ms. Shabnam Tamim. She studied Business Economics at the Oxford Brookes University and completed her Postgraduate studies in Business & Enterprise. She moved to the UAE in 2013 and has over 8 years of experience in Business Consultancy for Education.

With a team of over 20 UK qualified staff members with several years of experience, The Apple Tree Nursery is able to truly make a difference. The teachers hold UK certified level 3 Cache qualification, and the Teaching assistants are also trained and qualified in level 1 cache courses.

Other stakeholders - Through our commitment to playing a full part in the local community, maintaining our links and affiliations with local groups, professional associations and working collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines to ensure the bestoutcomes for children and their families.

Active Learning

Children are involved in active learning scenarios where they learn through positive experiences and interaction.

Kids Play Land

An outdoor play land gives children the room they need to experience physical exercise and stimulate muscle growth.

School Bus

Our world-class School Buses and transportation crew follows strict guidelines to ensure child safety.

Special Environment

Every component of the Apple Tree Nursery has an objective and is designed to contribute to the children's growth.

Apple Tree Gallery

The Apple Tree  world is a perfectly built eco-system in which careful consideration is given to each child’s needs, nature and ambitions. Modern methods of education and indoctrination are used to stimulate positivity, optimism, self-confidence and generosity.



Hello, my name is Shabnam. I am the founder and the principle of Apple Tree Nursery. By origin I am from UK and when I moved here to Umm Al Quwain in 2013, I saw it a great opportunity to open a nursery following the British curriculum and providing the EYFS. I believe that children need a strong foundation from their early years, and we aim to provide this at Apple Tree Nursery. I have a strong team of hard-working and passionate people who aim to provide the best for your child.



Hi, my name is Zahra and I joined Apple Tree since the very beginning. I love working with the pre-school classes. I am from UK and I am one of six children, so I am very passionate about kids and teaching. I hold a CACHE LEVEL 3 diploma and looking forward working with kids for many more years.


My name is Sidra and I joined Apple Tree Nursery two years ago and have been fortunate and blessed to be teaching in an amazing school that has a nurturing, loving environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence while they play. I look forward to continuing to have a positive impact on the children's growth and to new discoveries with an amazing team of teachers.


Hello, my name is Klara and I am one of the teachers in Apple Tree Nursery. This is my second year at Apple Tree Nursery. I'm 22 years old and I am a CACHE LEVEL 3 qualified pre-school teacher. I've been working with children my whole life; I was basically born into it! I love kids and it fills my heart with joy to watch them grow. I'm also excited to be a part of this wonderful team of teachers. I believe that kids are our future!

What Parents Say About The Apple Tree Nursery

I love the fact that the Apple Tree Nursery has an outdoor play area that gives my boys a chance to get involved in the outside world. This really opens up their perspectives in more ways than I anticipated.

~ Mr. Shane
Father of two Pre-Schoolers

The Apple Tree Nursery goes far beyond the traditional pre-school education systems and I feel very satisfied with the way my girl is coming up with  such pure positivity.

~ Ms. Supreet

Mother of 3 year old



Seats are limited so give us a call to schedule a visit and check out the Apple Tree world. Bring your child along and let the little tyke have a run around the place. Everybody is a welcome friend in our world.

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